About Us


Samuel Ridosko - Founder

I'm a self-taught photographer and cinematographer. I started playing around with photo and video editing in 2013 and since then have continued to do so. I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and Adobe Lightroom for photo editing. I use Adobe Illustrator to create posters and graphics when needed for projects.

I started with simple gear such as a smartphone, which I explored the capabilities to the furthest extent. Learning the gear and pushing it to its maximum potential has always been what I've done as it only yields the best results when you know your gear. Now, I shoot with professional gear such as the Sony A7III and rented gear like the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini.

Today, I shoot almost anything due to the variety of projects that I've been a part of.  Sports often appears in my projects as it is one of my biggest areas of interest along with automotive work.