Automotive Media services

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Photos of your ride are essential for sharing your passion for anything automotive related.

Our automotive photo service covers every detail you want and more.


Looking for a automotive feature video? 

We have you covered!

 Our automotive video service includes all the details you want. 

We shoot detailed shots of interior and exterior features along with some sweet rolling shots of your ride. We aim to meet all requests that you might have for your shoot.

From filming detail shots of interior and exterior to grabbing some sweet rolling shots of your ride, we cover every aspect that you request for your shoot.

Feature Videos

Automotive feature shoots are tailored to what the client wants showcased. The possibilities are endless!

 A quickly planned shoot turned into a epic video at the hands of SJRMAC Media for this client. 

Event Videos

Photo Shoot Packages

Basic - $75

  • 10 images
  • JPEG format

Premium - $125

  • 15 images
  • JPEG + TIFF* format for printing services

Deluxe - $175

  • 25 images
  •  JPEG + TIFF* format for printing services

* TIFF Format *

 The TIFF file format is a widely used image type for printing high resolution photos with great detail and color.

Online and store services such as Costco utilize this format to deliver the best possible prints at the size you choose.

Deposit Info

 Deposits are required upon approval of a date and time for the shoot. Deposit cost is $50 and is refundable. 

* Package price is per one vehicle.

Each package is only valid for one person during the shoot. If you want to have a group shoot, the request form has a option for this. We will process this request differently since it is currently outside of what we offer. Pricing and terms of the shoot will be agreed separately.

Video Shoot Packages

Feature shoot - $400

  • Detailed interior and exterior shots
  • Rolling shots (highway, town, etc.)
  • In-car driving footage
  • Audio run (exhaust and engine sound for post work)


Be default, we shoot and deliver in 4K. If you want to request a different format, such as 1080p or some slow motion work, please note this in the shoot request form.

Shoot Deposit/Payment Info

  Deposits are required upon approval of a date and time for the shoot. Deposit cost is $50 and is refundable.

Upon arrival at the shoot, $150 is due. When the final video is approved by you and delivery format is ready, the remaining unpaid portion is due before the video is delivered.


Prices are only for local service area (50 mile radius from Livermore, CA)

Please note on the request form if you are not in the service area as there may be an additional travel charge.

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